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Weedon family

Part of childhood project “GRAPHICS” begun before Pokemon & Digimon ever hit the west, around 1992.


Creature Bio:

... to follow                                     


Kindleye Family

Part of  “GRAPHICS”
a childhood project long put on permanent hiatus, that was begun before Pokemon & Digimon ever hit the west, around 1992 Inspired by the original Tron & various video games of the time including Golden Axe. The idea originally was that creatures would amass like a squad and travel with the heroes, but eventually morphed into a framework more like Pokemon (much to my frustration when Pokemon was released and became a so big). The concept eventually halted around the announcement of Generation 3 of pokemon in the early 2000s.

Now i’m quickly editing together my old creature sketches.

The project has significant notes and details,so feel free to ask anything.
I am aware many of these ancient sketches are pretty more, but if i get enough interest I might see about reworking them.

Creature Bio:

... to follow


United Kingdom
Sorry to all my followers for the lack of content.

Things have been tough.

I plead with you all,  visit the following web link

I need to get its traffic up so it appears on search engines, so that I can get food & work on making the site better & actually do some of my own personal stuff.


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